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We got tired of annoying callers and telemarketers, so we've created a place where people like us can share information that will help people recognize which phone numbers are from telemarketers and bill collectors. We're talking about the callers that seems to out right ignore the Do Not Call list, and call at all hours of the day. Get all the information you'll need in one place. Add information about callers to help other users. Start fighting back against harassing phone calls with

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Phone Info Source, users can post complaints about phone calls that they've received from telemarketers, prank callers, bill collecters, and any other annoying calls. If no comments or complaints are available about a phone number, we are still able to provide you with valuable information regarding the owner of that phone. Start browsing user comments or start posting complaints of your own at

On our website you can check and find out information about calls to your phone. And also help us to fill the database of numbers that violate the norms of using telephone numbers.

If you see the number that is marked SafeCaller then this number is "safe".

If the number is marked Not Safe, then most likely this number is seen in the spam and "unsafe".

How do I block calls on my cell phone?

Traditional Do Not Call Lists can be very effective at preventing legitimate businesses from performing telemarketing to landlines (wireless numbers do not need to be included to avoid unsolicited calls). However, they do little to prevent scammers and robocalls. An estimated 65% of complaints to the FTC in 2016 were for recorded messages. In 2015, the FCC clarified rules that made it possible for cell phone carriers to start offering call blocking services and continues to push for additional changes in 2017.

AT&T offers Call Protect for free to customers with eligible devices and plans.
Verizon does not offer to automatically block scammers, but it does offer to block calls from up to 5 different numbers for free.
T-Mobile offers Scam Block for free on all postpaid plans.
Sprint offers to identify but not automatically block spammers through its Premium Caller ID service for $2.99/month